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Fully en-suite hotel bedrooms to buy.

You can purchase a complete, ensuite, hotel bedrooms starting from…


Full hotel-room-for-sale price range listed towards the foot of this page.

Example of One of Many Hotel Rooms For Sale.

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All Rooms Have Been Completely Renovated.

These bedrooms + ensuite bathrooms/shower rooms have all been restored to a high degree (as do all of the hotels we buy for these projects). There is a renovated roof (“before” and “after” example: here, new lead: here). In every room, new ceiling insulation was installed. New walls have been built throughout + fresh plastering. Specifically, the internal walls have RWA45 sound insulation added (here) to stop the annoying acoustics in some hotels were the couple in an adjacent bedroom can be heard with the television on too loud or other noises. The work making each bedroom ultra-quiet for a good night’s sleep is very important. Whilst the ceilings above and floors below also include extensive acoustic and thermal protection (here).

All Hotel Ceilings Were Checked

The whole building was surveyed for damp, water ingress, woodworm, nail-sickness, wood-rot etc. This particular hotel was remarkably well built. There were some areas where major lead roofing repair work was required. A sample of “before” and “after” examples: here + here. Plus here and here + here.

All Hotel Roof Areas Had Insulation Installed.

Crucially, the external walls are all fitted with high specification Kingspan grade (here) insulation. This dramatically improves the protection of guests from cold winter weather and helps to make each hotel more economical to heat. Thereby raising the ecological credentials. Much lower heating bills also help the enhance the income streams for hotel-room-owners. We arrange for each hotel that our group (here) purchases to be completely rewired; new fire safety system, new plumbing, decoration, flooring overhaul and new underlay + carpets. New central heating, new double glazing (except the Grade A listed properties in our portfolio). New furniture. New bed linen.

Example of One of The Ensuite Bathrooms Included In The Hotel Room Ownership

(Example photograph: the side panels of this bath awaiting replacement and new floor tiles to be installed + new w.c., and new seat etc)

Each bathroom or shower room facility has new/overhauled plumbing.

All rooms have been fully renovated.

In this example, the pitched roof had no insulation. The straggly bits you can see in the photo above have come from the loft space insulation. Even that was poor and has been doubled in thermal depth.

Every room has been insulated to a high specification.Interior walls with an exterior side (to the outside) are insulated with Kingspan

Next: we make best endeavours to ensure good views and/or great locations by choosing each hotel in the finest of locations…

Example View From Bedroom 3 (Fullshare ownership: £49,000).

This current tranche of hotel-room-ownership sales is for our latest purchase on the island of Arran. As of September 2019 after 12 months’ work to date, the hotel bedrooms will soon be ready to view and reserve.

A Welcome Boost In Tourist Numbers

The ferry to the island has had the fares reduced drastically and tourism is booming. You may well be taking this journey soon so you can inspect the hotel bedrooms currently for sale…

The Island of Arran Ferry: MV Caledonian Isles

There is a fairly exotic feel of getting onto the ferry to cross to your island property. Recent government policy changes have introduced a protocol called Road Equivalent Tariff (RET).

In effect the ferry is now subsidised to the price of what an 18 mile car journey would cost were the ferry route a tarmac roadway!

Instead of the old £70 ferry ticket for getting your car to the island of Arran on the ship pictured above, the price is now a very low £19.

This has given tourism on this particular location a huge boost. There are now too many visitors and too few hotel spaces to rent out. We are actively considering an additional hotel on this island location.

The Mountains of The Isle of Arran Gives The Hotel A Spectacular Setting

This buy-2-let hotel-room-ownership location overlooks the sea and is in a very attractive village on the island.

Fullshare NOT Timeshare

There are no pushy sales staff. Guaranteed.

PLEASE NOTE: It is our company policy NOT to employ sales people. The hotel site project manager will courteously show you around the building. His instructions are to answer general questions about the building, but not to engage in any sales pitch.

The first of the first floor bedrooms are close to being completed as at September 2019. The ground floor is still in midst of the renovation and newbuild accommodation addition part of the planning permission.

A main purpose in our structuring the hotel-room-ownership projects in the manner we have, is so our fellow hotel room owners thoroughly enjoy the process. Therefore if you would like to buy a hotel room, we will make best endeavours to ensure you get the room you want to buy. But we do NOT like the high-pressure disreputable timeshare way of business that plague other projects. Our directors do not like pushy salespeople and we are not going to inflict that blight on our visitors and potential fellow hotel-room-owners. We have gone to a great deal of effort to structure this project and others in ways that boost enjoyment and reduce stress. The company directors can guarantee there will be no sales pressure at all.

Latest Hotel-Room-Ownership Hotel

We have obtained a full planning permission to increase the accommodation in this building from a 3 bedroom hotel to a 6 bedroom hotel. Plus reinstated staff accommodation + tearoom + new village shop. In the following photograph, the perspective illustrates the view across the sea and beach… 

Sea Front Location

The vista from the other end of the beach looking back at this hotel gives a good idea of the scenic location…

Looking Towards The Hotel From The Other End of The Beach

This buy-to-let hotel-room-ownership location is on the busiest island in Scotland.

Incidentally, we are aiming to buy hotels on the Isle of Wight and the South of France in case you would like a choice of destination/location. At least two of our current buyers are aiming to have “two summers and no winters” by owning a hotel room in Scotland where it is very pleasant in the summer, and then going south to the English and French Riviera in the winter. Meanwhile, the Isle of Arran has mountain climbers seeking hotel accommodation in the snow season, whilst the shoulder months has a unique phenomenon of hundreds of university students needing hotel accommodation whilst they study the island geology. Arran has some of the best and most diverse geological attributes and has attracted many students as a pre-season boost for decades.in the winter. 

Island of Arran Mountains Behind The Arran Ferry

The fact that the isle of Arran is the busiest in ferry carrying figures in Scotland is hugely important to your hotel room income (when you and your family are not using the room yourselves).

Arran has only 13 hotels on the island, plus 25 guest houses. Of the 913,005 passengers carried from the mainland to the island, a great number are tourists and require somewhere to stay.

There are approximately 4,629 residents on Arran (here).

You may like to do the maths on how busy the hotels can become!

In the following weeks during September and October 2019, we shall be updating these pages to provide the detailed information on how the hotel-room-ownership works and the specific management/hotel-costs/room owner remuneration ratios are set. But for now, here is a press release from the ferry company that may help you in assessing how busy the island has become since ferry fares were substantially reduced with Road Equivalent Tariff…

Isle of Arran Ferry information source: click here.

Local To Your Hotel Room & Island Sanctuary?

Our company has chosen this hotel and location because there is a great range of activity to take part in. Whether for yourself and your family holiday in your own hotel bedroom, or alternatively the guests who will be paying a handsome income to you to stay in your room when you are not utilising it.

Locally you can either launch your own boat, or hire one from one of four village piers and harbours…

Your Holiday Home That Also Produces An Income

The owners of Scotslion Ltd., (formerly Argyll Group plc) have owned and managed several hotels during the past 35 years.

The former CEO of Argyll Group plc (here) wishes to retire and be able to spend four to eight weeks each year on the island where he grew up. He will be arranging the management team in this specific hotel and then semi-retiring to write his websites (here, here and here).

In the autumn, he is looking to go south to the Isle of Wight and spend four weeks in the Spring and four weeks in the autumn at that island hotel-room-ownership property we are currently looking to buy.

Thereafter for the winter, the south of France has some wonderful hotels and we are currently looking to buy.

That is our founder’s plan. Two summers and no winters!

Our Unique Property Bulletin readers and indeed folk who wish just to buy one hotel room, possibly just as a reasonably priced bricks-and-mortar investment property may be happy owning just the one hotel room (all include an ensuite bathroom or shower room with whb + wc).

Hotel Room Ownership Prices

Each Hotel Room Comes With A Second Ensuite Bathroom/Shower Room Included

Please check this section regularly as the hotel rooms may be sold before you arrive.

Please do not travel to the hotel without telephoning or texting/emailing first. This is to avoid disappointment in case all the rooms are sold before you travel across to the island. Thank you. 

  • Bedroom 1: £68,000.
  • Bedroom 2: £69,000. (provisionally sold).
  • Bedroom 3: £49,000. 
  • Bedroom 4: £59,000. (provisionally sold).
  • Bedroom 5: £59,000.
  • Bedroom 6: £44,000.
  • Bedroom 7: (staff/investment) £48,000.
  • Restaurant & Tearoom: £111,000.
  • Manager’s Newbuild: £188,000.

For further details please text: 0757 2768 795

Or telephone: 01241 852127


Twice Each Year You Will Receive A Cheque or Bank Transfer Payment.

We aim to ensure each hotel room owner secures between at least 7.5% and 12.5% net of all management/insurance/staff/maintenance/utility-bill costs. This may vary as the hotel is 100% equity-driven and whilst there is no bank debt, the room occupancy rate may vary between years.

Please add the fact that hotel-room-owners will be receiving numerous weeks’ holiday per year (worth several hundred pounds) when assessing your investment returns. If you do not intend to stay in the bedroom and are simply utilising this as an investment property, the returns do generally nudge up to 10% to 18% per annum.

Though we must place the caveat here that financial returns are not guaranteed. You should seek independent financial advice from your accountant, bank manager and/or solicitor.

We would add an important point which is covered further down this page. Each hotel is 100% equity owned. It is our group company policy to prohibit any mortgage on any of our properties. We have allowed NO mortgages on any company building since 1997. In the banking crisis the wisdom of this policy was proven: click here, here and here. There are several prudent business reasons to keep bank lending away from our assets and this policy will be covered in dedicated narrative elsewhere on this website.

In essence, for the safety of the business and our hotel-room-owners, worst-case scenario, should it be a quiet season, you would likely have more holidays yourself and a little less rental income. Crucially, the hotel can NOT be repossessed by a bank.

Exit Route

If You Wish To Sell Your Hotel Room…

Bedroom 4

Almost Complete. Currently, The Site Project Manager Is Utilising This Room

Scotslion (formerly Argyll Group plc) is working to establish a dedicated market hotel-room-ownership purchases and sales.

It is entirely likely that as well as an income from holidaymakers when you are not using the hotel room you own, that the value will gently increase over time. We cannot guarantee that, but the trend is more often upwards than downwards.

If/when you wish to sell, Scotslion Ltd., will be arranging for potential buyers via the company’s sister website: Unique Property Bulletin (here).

The Unique Property Bulletin has been advocating “two-summers-no-winters” (4 Sept 2016 publication: click here) amongst its 25,000 readers for many years and has a core of readers who wish to buy hotel rooms already. So much so, that we anticipate the 6 hotel rooms we have in this first hotel will sell relatively quickly.

An additional exit-route will be available if the majority of room owners in the specific hotel choose to sell the building. All offers will be put to a vote and if the majority of hotel-room-owners decide to sell the whole hotel, then the solicitor will convey the pro-rata inbound funds to each hotel room owner.

Important: As time goes on, the value of the hotel, along with houses, flats and other buildings tends to rise (we cannot guarantee or insulate upon recessions), The general trend is upwards over time.

Mortgages Prohibited

For The Safety & Security of All Scotslion Projects

Important note: Scotslion Ltd (here) have renovated over 25 commercial buildings during the past twenty years, creating over 111 jobs. We are essentially a group of friends who pool our own resources and buy empty shops, closed hotels and defunct industrial units, renovate them and help newstart businesses.

However, we do NOT borrow from banks. We believe that banks, especially after the 2007 banking crash, have become disreputable. The RBS “Dash For Cash” scandal was a prime example (here and here), where banks put good, solid companies out of business to steal grab assets and leave hard working people without jobs.

The Royal Bank of Scotland were fined £400,000,000 for this disgraceful behaviour (here). . 

What To Do At Your Hotel Room & Island Sanctuary?

Our company has chosen this hotel and location because the island economy is booming due to a substantial reduction in ferry fares.

It is also one of the top tourist destinations in Scotland; partly due to the range of adventures available on Arran

To see an expanded range of Arran island venture photographs, please…

Click Here

To see an expanded range of Arran island venture photographs, please…

Click Here

Visitors with disabilities are also catered for on the island.

Click Here

To see an expanded range of Arran island venture photographs, please…

Click Here

To see an expanded range of Arran island venture photographs, please…

Click Here

Full Hotel Management Provided

You have no bills to pay. Just use your holiday ensuite bedroom when you and your family like, and enjoy a net rental between at least 7.5% and 12.5% net of all management + insurance + staff + maintenance + utility-bill costs. Hotel-room-owners who are not wanting numerous weeks’ holiday per year (worth several hundred pounds) and simply seek an investment property may expect between 10% to 18% per annum. This is achieved as we eliminate all bank lending. Each of our 27 projects over the past 20 years has been 100% equity-driven.

For readers who have not thought about this, a visit to your own bank’s website will illustrate the fact that banks typically pay their customers 0.1% to 1.5%, whilst lending that money out at between 12% and 34% APR. The majority of hotels are profitable. When banks are removed, any mortgage interest payment goes to the owner: you. 

  • Though we must place the caveat here that financial returns are not guaranteed. You should seek independent financial advice from your accountant, bank manager and/or solicitor.

We would emphasise an important element which is covered within the Terms & Conditions section that must be mutually agreed prior to purchase. Each hotel is 100% equity owned. None of our hotels are allowed to have any mortgage on them. Therefore, worst-case scenario, should it be a quiet season, you would likely have more holidays yourself and a little less rental income. Crucially, the hotel ca NOT be repossessed by a bank.

What Next?

  • Please feel free to telephone or text any questions you may have. Answers may already be on our FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions page. Please: click here.
  • If you like the idea of owning your own hotel room, please consider making arrangements to visit the hotel and view the bedrooms.

Please note, this particular hotel is still being renovated, albeit at an advanced stage. The bedrooms are nearing completion, but there is still a reasonable amount of building works on the ground floor with the 6 trades onsite. So please be prepared to see the hotel at its almost complete stage on the first floor and the work-in-progress condition on the ground floor.

For further details please text: 0757 2768 795

Or telephone: 01241 852127

Fully renovated and furnished hotel rooms to buy and own from £44,000.

This website is being overhauled during October & November 2019.

Please check back regularly for news.