Hotel Room Ownership

Fullshare NOT Timeshare

Fully en-suite hotel bedrooms for sale.

You can purchase complete hotel bedrooms ranging from…

£39,000 to £69,000.

All hotel rooms for sale include full en-suite bathroom and wc facilities.

^^ Example of Hotel Room For Sale ^^

Between £39,000 and £69,000 at Sannox Hotel.

Fullshare, Not Timeshare.

All Rooms Have Been Completely Renovated.

Fullshare means you effectively own the hotel room. There are no mortgages on any of our buildings. The restaurant and room management functions are leased out, so no debt accrues to the building. You will receive a share of your room rental income after buildings and public liability insurance has been paid, along with costs of room cleaning, guest-admin., etc. Also you get to have free holidays in your en-suite hotel room when it is not rented out.

^^ Sannox Hotel, Isle of Arran ^^

Clear, turquoise tinted sea, with mountains behind.

These guests bedrooms + en-suite bath rooms have all been renovated to a high degree from the original coaching-inn standard. Each hotel is 100% owned by the participating shareholders. Mortgages on the hotels are banned.

=> This means all properties are 100% asset-backed.

Hotel room ownership is more popular than you might imagine. Our unique selling point, apart from carefully chosen locations, is that we have a mandatory ban on debt. All of our buildings are 100% owned by our shareholders. We have removed banks debt/mortgage for very sound economic reasons (this will be narrated during this website’s construction process). Mortgages are banned under the ownership regulations.

^^ Sannox Hotel, Isle of Arran ^^

Fullshare NOT Timeshare

Hotel Room Ownership Prices: September 2022

Each Hotel Guest Bed Room Comes With
An En-suite Bathroom/Shower Room Included.

Each part of the property is owned FULLSHARE and not timeshare. The directors arrange for the hotel to be run as any normal hotel would appear to customers.

  • Bedroom 1 (including en-suite): £69,000.
  • Bedroom 2 (including en-suite): £69,000. (provisionally sold).
  • Bedroom 3 (including en-suite): £49,000. 
  • Bedroom 4 (including en-suite): £59,000. (provisionally sold).
  • Bedroom 5 (including en-suite): £59,000.
  • Bedroom 6 (including en-suite): £39,000.
  • Bedroom 7 (manager/investment bedroom + bathroom) + small garden: £69,000.
  • Restaurant + Tearoom: + Kitchen & Prep: £111,000. Click Here.
  • Bay View Cottage Prime Guest Suite: £168,000.
  • Village Shop: POA.

For further details please text: 0757 2768 795

Or telephone: 01241 852127.

In order that you can have an idea of the progress that has been made in this major renovation, here are some photographs of and from Bedroom 4 at Sannox Hotel…

^^ View From Bedroom 4, Sannox Hotel ^^

Bedroom 4 at Sannox Hotel is illustrated here. This is an example of the seven guest bedrooms at the hotel following extensive renovation work.

^^ Bedroom 4, Sannox Hotel, Isle of Arran ^^

10% fitting-out work remains (and is included)…

New carpets & furnishings etc.

We must emphasise that in this example, Bedroom 4, as with the other guest bedrooms just requires the new carpet (with underlay for soundproofing and comfort included). Some decorative and furniture items will be added. Then each guest bedroom with en-suite facilities will be ready to rent.

^^ Bedroom 4, Sannox Hotel, Isle of Arran ^^

All of the structural renovation work plus high-specification heat insulation + full electrical rewire + replumbing + new fire safety system + new double glazing and safety glass throughout has been completed.

^^ Bathroom & Shower At Bedroom 1 ^^

Final redecoration following replumbing.

New baths + side-panels

and new showers are being fitted.

Neutral decoration has been applied and leaves just finishing decor and wall pictures to complete each room along with carpets and underlay (work on this commenced 25th July 2022.

Outside, the gardens will be receiving some landscaping work…

^^ Sannox Hotel Gardens & Views ^^

Currently these are tidy, but there is a landscaping budget. This is to be deployed ready for when all of the work that tends to be rough on the gardens and lawns is completed.

For example, parking is often an issue at any hotel or in this case the new village shop. So we have applied for and were given FULL planning permission from the local council (click here) for the hotel and new village shop to install FOUR new car-parking places….

^^ Sannox Hotel ^^

Additional Car Parking.

This is often overlooked, but from our directors and subscribers ownership of several hotels and several dozen shops, it significantly boosts business income if adequate parking is included. This will soon include electric charge points and we are closely studying the viability of that.

^^ Sannox Hotel ^^

Brand New Newbuild Added To The Front

This replaced the old, dilapidated eyesore of a plastics conservatory. Full details to follow as this website is expanded..

^^ Sannox Hotel ^^

The location and views are amongst the best on the island.

During the renovation process, it has been frustrating to turn away so many folk who have come to the island to go hill-climbing and from whence many emerge, tired and in need of a room and food just a few feet along from the hotel as they emerge from the Glen Sannox road-end.

Climbing from up here, down Glen Sannox…

^^ Descending Through Glen Sannox ^^

Photo Attribution: Ian Tupman

Looking back over your shoulder gives an idea of the monumental walk you may have just completed…

^^ Arriving ^^

At The End of Your Walk Down Glen Sannox

At the foot of the Glen, turn right and a hundred yards or so, you arrive at the Sannox Hotel…

^^ Sannox Hotel ^^

The tea-garden and tables are raised about 8 feet above the roadside giving privacy and + easy access + great views. Looking back from the beach is none too shabby either…

^^ Sannox Hotel As Viewed From The Beach ^^

^^ Sannox Hotel As Viewed From The Beach ^^

Sannox Beach is a great place to spend your holidays…

^^ Sannox Beach ^^

Getting to and from the beach is also fun as you cross the river with salmon and sea trout aplenty…

^^ Crossing The Burn To The Beach ^^

The Sannox Hotel is the first hostelry that thousands of folk reach after an afternoon in the hills and mountains of Arran.

^^ Sannox Hotel ^^

There is something exotic about living on an island. A thrill when arriving and a sadness when leaving…
^^ Mountains Behind The Arran Ferry ^^

^ Photograph (c) 2021. Kindly on license from Elizabeth Leyden/Alamy Ltd ^

It is very, very rare that you can secure any property on the island of Arran for less than £100,000. Let alone a fully serviced hotel-room. One that will provide you with an income when you are not using it and shall likely beguile you when you are at your special island sanctuary.

For further details and to answer any questions,

please contact us at…

Tel/Text: 0757 2768 795

Or in writing…

Scotslion Ltd (Sannox HQ)., Endeavour House, 1 James Street, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 1JF.


Please note, this website is evolving. It is a good idea to check back regularly.

Best wishes. The Hotel-Room-Ownership team.


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