We have had several enquiries/texts asking if a hotel room can be bought for between £20,000 and £30,000?

This is not generally possible. Though for rare occasions there may be a solution.

Our projects have a lot of time, money and effort invested in renovating each hotel to a high standard. The lowest room we are able to sell is at the £44,000 level.

Our founding members are looking to own good quality hotel rooms in excellent locations. The very essence of…

Fullshare Not Timeshare

Full ownership is a vital component of our aim.

However, after a long discussion with one of the folk who emailed in asking about whether she could join at a level around £20,000 we were able to come up with a possible solution. Though this does run against the grain of what we do.

Whilst our company only runs the “fullshare” option, it is possible for two people to sub-contract between themselves and buy a complete hotel room. You would need some additional paperwork to make sure you had a clear understanding. But in theory this would and should work well.

Two friends or colleagues can certainly establish a mutually beneficial agreement between them, so that, for example, one person would have full use (and rental income) for the hotel room from 1st January to 30th June inclusive.

Whilst the other person had full use of the hotel bedroom facility (including income) from 1st July to 31st December in any given year.

That would enable a person to participate in these ventures and buy a whole bedroom at £44,000 with each person putting £22,000.

This is about as far as we would be comfortable on sub-division. Any further dilution and we are approaching the timeshare model. None of the founders are keen on that.

We really do prefer fullshare not timeshare.

If you have any questions, please feel to get in touch.

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One of Our Earlier Hotels  (c) 2001 Argyll Group plc

Wherever possible, we select a quality hotel and a sea view location. This particular building possessed a rare item: it actually had the beach included in the title.

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