FAQ Hotel Room Ownership

FAQ Hotel Room Ownership

One of Our Earlier Hotels Bought on 18th July 2000

We have several frequently asked questions and answers to upload onto this page. The first one has been asked quite a lot. For this updated website we include it so that visitors can have an answer to what is quite an important point…

Question 1: Do you do timeshare? I ask because I have £25,000 and this isn’t quite enough to buy a fullshare room?

Answer 1: We only do “fullshare”. However, we can make an introduction for you to a similarly placed person. You could join with them in buying a complete room. You would need some additional paperwork to make sure you had a clear understanding. But in theory this would and should work well.

If you and someone else bought a whole hotel room, you could come to a mutually beneficial agreement between the two of you, so that, for example, one of you had full use (and rental income) for the room from 1st January to 30th June inclusive.

Whilst the other person had full use of the hotel bedroom facility (including income) from 1st July to 31st December in any given year.

That would enable you to buy a whole bedroom at £44,000 with each person putting £22,000 in and have a decent amount of change left over.


More FAQs and answers will appear here soon.

If you have any questions, please feel to get in touch.

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One of Our Earlier Hotels  (c) 2000 Argyll Group plc

However, our ownership lasted only 31 days. Shortly after concluding missives, we received a substantial offer and took the decision to pay the profit forward to the next project