Hotel Room Ownership

This index relates to our existing Sannox “Hotel~Room~Ownership” project and related mainland Castle Hotel, plus French Cahteaihotle prijects linked at the lower part of this pagge).

project. Here is a relatively straight forward index of the various pages + articles + before/after renovation photos etc..

1]. Front Page of The Website: Click Here.

2. INSURANCE: A Copy of the Sannox Hotel buildings and public liability insurance policy: Click Here.





6]. The first registered Charity ~ Creditcare Support and Debt Advice Association: Click Here.

7]. Martin Lewis C.B.E., Estimates 100,000 Debt-Suicide Attempts Each Year in the UK: Click Here.

8]. Video Page of Hydro-Electric power generation: Click Here.

These pages are a bit random to start. As we progress, then this index will be arranged so that it is more logical and intuitive. Welcome to a website that is dynamic and growing.




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You never know, one day you may wish to halve your electricity bills. Or heaven forbid, be in a position where you need the sort of help the first charity we ever registered can give (click here).

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