Welcome to the SIMPLIFIED UPS membership process.


But you SHOULD read and agree with the four other MEMBERSHIP DOCUMENTS BEFORE signing the MASTER DETAIL & SIGNATURE FORM. These are linked in the second half of this page…

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Tod Head Lighthouse Station

Tod Head Lighthouse Station, Montrose, Angus, DD10 0TH.

BEFORE you send thousands of pounds, PLEASE just send a NOMINAL amount, to ensure both your account and the syndicate account are safely synchronised. Last year we sent several thousand pounds of PROFIT to a £25,000 member of UPS24 and he had CLOSED his account. That money got lost in the banking system. Orphaned funds go to a “Suspense Account” in trust at the bank. I don’t trust banks and they have tens of millions in those suspense accounts! It was a nightmare to get that money back out of the bank’s claws.

Hence we are very particular about treble checking the UPS syndicate account and the members account are synchronised with a nominal £3.48 transfer (or any number you choose between £1.00 and £9.99) before any large amounts are transferred.

You should first send a “test” amount of £2.33 (or whatever you prefer) to:-

UPS34: Tod Head Lighthouse Station Purchase Funds

Bank Account: Unique Property Bulletin Ltd.

Account Sort Code: 83-25-16

Account Number: 00629390

Credentials: Click Here and Click Here

You are buying a share of HM Land Registry Title Number KNC6706: Click Here

Immediately the “nominal” amount lands safely in the UPS34 account, Russ McLean will confirm the precise amount to you. That will act like a PIN number. You will then know both the UPS27 account and your account are working together properly. Any questions, please telephone or text Russ on the main lines: 0757 2768 795. Landline: 01241 852127. Very best wishes, Russ.


You ONLY need to send the printed and signed 2-pages as above. If all is in order and you are happy to join in to own part of the UPS34 Tod Head Lighthouse Station syndicate, please send these to:-

If you want to record delivery or have “signed for” service, please send them to Russ at his home…

Russ McLean, UPS-HQ, 21m Thistle Street, Carnoustie, Angus, DD7 7PR. 

This is because we do not yet have permanent staff at the new UPS-HQ, Endeavour House, 1 James street, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 1JP.

Recovering undelivered letters from the Royal Mail Sorting Office in Dundee is a nightmare and will delay your application to own a part of Tod Head Lighthouse Station by 4 days to 10 days.

Immediately the two page MAIN DETAIL & SIGNATURE FORM is received, providing there is the space left in UPS34, Russ will countersign the two pages, photocopy a set for UPS-HQ counterpart agreement, then laminate the original and post them back to you.

=> Crucially, you will be issued with the official Share Certificates and Bond Certificates evidencing your precise ownership of part of Tod Head Lighthouse Station.

These are valuable documents/financial instruments, so please keep them safe. Thank you.

For members posting to the UK from abroad…

Please remember to include the word “Britain” or  “U.K.”

Onto the base line of the address.


The Latest Syndicate Is UPS34

You Are Applying To Own A Part of This Property…

^^ Tod Head Lighthouse Station ^^ 

Tower Not Included

But 4 Former Keeper’s apartments Are Included

Plus A Large Amount of Land +

Outbuildings + Beach Is Included.

New process to the form filling process

Covid-safe and more efficient…

Summary: UPS-HQ have…

1]. Reduced: The mountain of paperwork from UPS end of new-member joining process to two relatively simple pages.

2]. Removed: The need for UPS members to attend interview with a Notary Public etc., to prove their identification face-to-face.

3]. Extinguished: The paperwork that members have to supply themselves: Passport/ Address ID etc.

Members still need to have read the four main forms. But these have not changed to a material degree since 2017. Other than to ensure we can legally rearrange the signature protocol to protect our members from the Covid contamination risk (via letter coughed on by postal workers).

Without further delay, here are the two pages from UPS members who would like to join…


Tod Head Lighthouse Station

Please can you print ONE copy of each of these forms. Then once you have checked through the four sets of documents to which they relate, send these two pages to:-

Russ McLean, 21m Thistle Street, Carnoustie, Angus, DD7 7PR.

This direct route will reach Russ several says sooner than the office as he i working more at home in Carnoustie than in Arbroath for the time being.

If posting from outside the U.K., please add the word Britain or United Kingdom. Many thanks.

To Read The Four Sets Of UPS Documents

Form 1….

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