Restaurant + Tearoom: + Kitchen & Prep

Sannox Tea-Room & Restaurant

For Sale: £111,000

Or Rent: £168 Per Week.

This part of the property, known as Sannox Tea-Room & Restaurant has been extensively modernised…

^^ Sannox Tea-Room & Restaurant ^^

Part of the Sannox Hotel set of buildings…

^^ Sannox Tea-Room & Restaurant ^^

The proposal for final fitting out is to install a new layout with 40 (Covid-safer) covers indoors and 36 (Covid-safer) covers al fresco at the front garden.

Total 76 Covers.

^^ EXAMPLE of Final Fitting Out As PROPOSED ^^

Please note: the proposed Covid-safer booths are the ones we intend installing. As at writing (August 2022) Covid is becoming a virus that humanity is learning how to live with. The vaccines appear to be doing their jobs. But just to be on the safe side, we are continuing to build our projects to be as Covid-safe as possible. Arranging for ground to ceiling separation of dining booths with toughened safety glass arranged in a way that allows plenty of light and visibility, but also provides a decent amount of protection for those patrons who are still nervous or susceptible to Covid. Please note, the cubicles in these two example photographs will have our versions reach the ceiling.

^^ EXAMPLE of Final Fitting Out As PROPOSED ^^

If/when you visit, the three main restaurant/cafe rooms inside are all completed in respect of new roofs; new walls and new floors. Plus new central heating + new plumbing + new new rewiring + new double glazing. All that remains is for the bespoke dining cubicles to be installed and a brand new commercial kitchen to be fitted out.

^^ MAIN Dining Areas Ready For Booth Installation ^^

This is what one of THREE dining rooms looks like as at August 2022: all ready for the final fitting out…

^^ MAIN Dining Areas Ready For Booth Installation ^^

A similar design was installed in one of our other commercial dining rooms. Here is a photo to give an idea of what that style looked like. Within 4 weeks of opening, those premises (in Argyll) were packed and reservation only. But with less than half the number of covers that Sannox Tea-Rooms & Restaurant have.

^^ Argyll Tea-Room ^^

PREVIOUS Dining Rooms Within Our Property Portfolio

This photo was taken BEFORE the need for Covid safety measures were needed.

There are a growing variety of interesting and stylish safety measures depending on your eatery and clienteles requirements…

Bespoke Designs Fitted To Your Choices

^^ From Simple Safety Screens ^^

When risk levels are low.

To more substantial structures of interesting design…

^^ More Substantial Dining Booths ^^

^^ Very Private Dining! ^^

^^ Colourful & Stylish Eatery ^^

The new booths and decor will be to the taste and theme as desired by the new owner/new tenant.

The current internal areas have been fitted with extra high-specification thermal insulation to help reduce heating bills.

Outside, the old “bench” style seating/eating facilities are very popular and have elevated views across from the hotel and restaurant towards Sannox Bay. But these old benches are long past their sell-by date…

^^ The OLD Al Fresco Food Area At Sannox^^

These benches will soon be recycled and gone.

It is important to note that the current owners have arranged for new wind-protective (and Covid-safer) booths for the al fresco dining area at the front of the hotel….

^^ PROPOSED Outside Dining Booths ^^

The views from Sannox Hotel + Restaurant and the Tea Gardens are very nice…

^^ The OLD Outside Dining Benches ^^

Due to be replaced by modern, Covid-safer booths.

As the problems associated with Covid recede, some al fresco dining establishments are opting to KEEP their stylish solutions in place. Especially for restaurants when there may be a little bit of “weather” from time to time. These new ways of increasing outside seating capacity and improving the diners experience are becoming very popular.

^^ Al Fresco In All Weather ^^ 

Choosing these glazed-igloo dining pods for the garden area would definitely increase revenue. Those old benches were a good idea, but definitely had theier limitations. These new style of all-weather pods would likely attract sufficient clientele as to make this restaurant particularly popular.


What Is Included In The Purchase Price/Rent?

In addition to the 40 interior and 36 exterior covers, the purchase/rental price includes the commercial kitchen + two customer toilets and a separate staff toilet + shower.

For reference and perspective, here is the OLD commercial kitchen before it was removed…

^^ The OLD Kitchen: now removed ^^

To be replaced by new owner for their bespoke needs.

As well as a prep and commercial kitchen area, plus the THREE dining rooms and al fresco front tea garden, there is a staff WC and washroom with shower.

=> The rooms INCLUDED in the £111,000 ownership price OR £168 per week LEASE are numbers:-

18 + 19 + 20 + 26 + WCs numbered 24 and 25. Plus Staff WC & Shower at Room 3.

Room 17 is communal, with full and unrestricted access for the Restaurant & Tea-Room tenant/owner. This free access is to ensure the ability to get in and out of the kitchen. A similar arrangement is due to be detailed in a corridor traversing from the kitchen to the main side entrance for Kitchen deliveries.

Rooms 23 + 22 and 21 are intended to form the village shop.

These can be seen on the architect’s drawing below…

^^ Plan Drawing of Sannox Restaurant & Tea-Rooms ^^

As at August 2022, the restaurant, tearoom, counter area and WC rooms are all ready for the fitting our phase as per the specification of the new owner/tenant. This is an example of the current completed room (less the proposed Covid-safer seating booths.

The front has a brand new flat-roof built to a high specification and double insulation to keep heating bills down.

Lastly, but quite importantly, the current planning permission as GRANTED allows our request for FOUR additional car parking space. One is permanently assigned to the Bay Cottage tenant. The other three are shared and added to the “on-street” parking nearby. This is in addition to the historic 6 to 8 places “off-street” at the restaurant + hotel. Staff parking is available at the local Sannox car park nearby if an overflow parking is required. During the dozens of years in operation, the existing parking has always been sufficient. The addition of FOUR new space is intended to ensure this sufficiency of car parking continues.

^^ Extra Parking At Sannox Hotel & Tea-Rooms ^^

The al fresco seating area is elevated approximately 8 feet above road height and there is a substantial wall in place. This ensures guests are NOT disturbed by passing traffic, nor cars parked at the lower level of the front of the premises.

The views from the hotel are genuinely picturesque…

^^ View From Sannox Hotel & Restaurant Tea Garden ^^

Prior to the new seating being installed.

^^ View From Sannox Hotel & Restaurant Tea Garden ^^

Prior to the new seating being installed.

Indeed, after a nice meal, it has been popular amongst guests to have a walk along to the water stones and cross towards the Sannox Beach.

.^^ Water Stones From Sannox To The Beach ^^

Looking back towards Sannox Hotel and Restaurant whilst meandering along a sandy beach with the gentle lap of the waves skimming up and down the beach is an excellent way to finish off a nice meal.

^^ Sannox Beach Looking West Towards The Hotel ^^

^^ Sannox Beach Looking East Towards The Mainland ^^


Sannox Tea-Room & Restaurant

For Sale: £111,000

Or Rent: £168 Per Week.

Further details from Scotslion Ltd.


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