Restaurant + Tearoom: + Kitchen & Prep

Sannox Hotel

Tea-Room & Restaurant For Sale: £111,000

Or Rent: £168 Per Week.

This part of the property at Sannox Hotel will soon be known and signposted as “Ingledene Tea-Room”. It will still be part of the hotel, but for reasons clarified below, we are paying an homage to the history of the building and those military personnel of the SBS from World War 2. Not all of whom returned to their families, from being in harms-way service overseas.

^^ Sannox Hotel, Island of Arran ^^

The renovated property will include a new

“Ingledene Tea-Room”

Part of the Sannox Hotel set of buildings…

^^ Ingledene Tea-Room At Sannox Hotel ^^

The proposal for final fitting-out in this full restoration of Sannox Hotel is to install the following facilities. A lot of effort has been made to ensure “flexibility” in the three main public catering areas. This is so that weddings and special social occasions such as weddings, birthdays and christenings can be catered for.

The day-to-day public-room facilities will be formatted:-

=> Sannox Hotel Restaurant: 24 Covers.

=> Ingledene Tea-Room: 24 Covers.

=> Guest Breakfast & Lunchtime Non-Resident: 14 Covers.

=> Plus Outside Alfresco Seating: 18 Covers.

=> Total: 80 Covers Per Sitting.

The “Ingledene Tea-Room” (24 Covers plus overflow areas) will be so named as a mark of respect and to keep the previous hotel name alive. This matters as the sons and daughters, plus grandchildren of the Special Boat Service (click here) have frequently been invited into the Sannox Hotel by our team onsite when we see them pacing up and down outside of the Sannox Hotel almost scratching their heads. They are invariably looking for this plaque which is located in our building…

Here is an enlarged picture to enable the text to be read more clearly…

Please Note: The Name Change FROM…

Ingledene Hotel TO

Sannox Hotel Still causes Some Confusion.

We aim to remedy this unfortunate state of affairs and make sure those family members of veterans are afforded proper and respectful hospitality when they travel long distances to see the place where their family members were billeted during their training.

The name-change TO Sannox Hotel around 23 years ago ended up with some of our respected and distinguished visitors looking bewildered when they come to visit. We often found folk wandering up and down the road outside Sannox Hotel, looking for the Ingledene Hotel. They had not realised the hotel changed its name around 2005.

=> Hence our determination to include the name: “Ingledene Tea-Room” within the main “Sannox Hotel” signage at the entrance roadway to this set of buildings when we re-open in 2023/2024.

The “Ingledene Tea-Room” entrance is located at the southern aspect of Sannox Hotel. Named  in a way where it will be a lot easier for veterans and their relatives to find the SBS plaque as referenced and signposted by the Imperial War Museum (here).

=> Many of our visitors are seeking to find where their relatives who served in the SBS were billeted.

By including a reference to the “Ingledene Tea-Room” at the main “Sannox Hotel” (and new village shop) amenity signs at the front entrance, we should help avoid much confusion ~ and the upsetting situation when family members have gone away without seeing the sign and place commemorating the sacrifice of their family.

You may be able to appreciate the new layout from the planning permission drawings…

^^ Sannox Hotel Dining Area Plans ^^

“Ingledene Tea-Room” in blue ink:

Entrance from south (lower plan) side.

“Sannox Hotel” in green ink:

Entrance from east (upper right) side.


The new layout means that local folk and tourists can visit the “Ingledene Tea-Room” without having to go through the main hotel. If there are bus parties or a surge in visitor numbers during lunchtime above the 24 table-places that we have, then guests are naturally likely to gravitate towards the newly refurbished “Green Room”. That has capacity for 14 more guests. The views are none too shabby either…

^^ View From Sannox Dining Rooms ^^

(Before Renovations)

The Green Room is designated for hotel guests’ to enjoy their breakfast between 07.30 and 09.00 hours each morning. Thereafter the Green Room will be used as an addition to the general Ingledene Tea-Room. As the day moves on into evening, the main Restaurant area will be the central function room. We have removed the former brick-built bar to enable this big room to have a clear space where dances can be held during weddings etc., with chairs around the sides and into the additional guest seating areas outlined in blue and green on the plan above.

=> The keyword is “Flexibility”.

That is how we will manage to provide an amenity for weddings and as a specific example, the SBS Association did request whether we could hold a special anniversary function. With flexibility in these spaces being capable of various uses, that will maximise the amenity value of the hotel for the village.


The Old Sannox Hotel Bar

Our apologies for the faded nature of this photograph. Unfortunately, the historic pictures from before the major renovation are fairly rare. This is a panoramic photograph of the main bar area. Because the bar is made our of very solid brick, this room was always under-utilised. The bar took up 35% of the floor space. The second (permanent immoveable) bar in this room was not needed much (in recent years) given the other bar in the hotel.

^^ The Old Bar at Sannox Hotel ^^

Removal of the brick-built bar

means this room can now serve

48 to 72 people a day.

Instead of 12 to 18 people!

Better still as weddings can be properly hosted here.

Whether you are planning for a wedding or christening; even a modest birthday party, we now have a significant amount of extra floor area ((renovation photos to follow at the second part of this page). This is particularly important when the wedding phase needs to be transformed to a dance room area with guest tables around the edges. That wasn’t possible prior to the current 2020/2023 refit.

If/when you visit, the three main restaurant/cafe rooms inside are all completed in respect of new roofs; new walls and new floors. Plus new central heating + new plumbing + new new rewiring + new double glazing. All that remains is for the bespoke dining cubicles to be installed and a brand new commercial kitchen to be fitted out.

^^ MAIN Dining Areas Ready For Final Fitting-Out ^^

Removal of The Old Brick-Built Bar

Increases Capacity From 9 Covers

To 24 Covers.

We will cover the repairs to the leaky roof + major insulation + complete electrical rewire + replumbing + new fire alarm and safety system in another detailed page.

For this segment we can show what one of THREE dining rooms now looks like as at June 2023: all ready for the final fitting out…

^^ 1 of 3 Main Dining Areas At 2023 ^^

^^ Ready Final Fitting Out ^^

What Will This Look Like

When Completed?

A similar design was installed in one of our other commercial dining rooms. Here is a photo to give an idea of what that style looked like. Within 4 weeks of opening, those premises (in Argyll) the Argyll Coffee Shop had become far busier than we could possibly have hoped for.

^^ Argyll Tea-Room ^^

PREVIOUS Dining Rooms

Elsewhere Within Our Property Portfolio.

This photo was taken the night before we re-opened the Argyll Coffee Shop.

^^ Argyll Tea-Room ^^

PREVIOUS Dining Rooms

Elsewhere Within Our Property Portfolio.

Based on the fact that there are between 600,000 and 900,000 visitors to the Island of Arran who drive past the Sannox Hotel front door each year, we are making sure there will be sufficient staff and kitchen logistics in place to fulfil the demands that are to be placed upon the soon-to-be re-opened Sannox Hotel.



The current internal areas at Sannox Hotel restaurant and the adjacent Ingledene Tea-Room have been fitted with extra high-specification thermal insulation to help reduce heating bills.

=> Inside Sannox Hotel Restaurant + Ingledene Tea-Room: 62 Covers.

=> Plus Outside Alfresco Seating: 18 Covers.

=> Total: 80 Covers.

Outside, the old “bench” style seating/eating facilities are very popular and have elevated views across from the hotel and restaurant towards Sannox Bay. But these old benches are long past their sell-by date and will all be renewed when we move to the front garden landscaping phase.

^^ The OLD Alfresco Food Area At Sannox^^

Major Landscaping Scheduled 2023/2024

These old benches will soon be recycled and gone.

But the sea views remain.

It is important to note that the current owners are arranging for the front garden alfresco dining area to be completely re-landscaped and include new seating facilities that are in keeping with modern day standards.

The views from Sannox Hotel + Restaurant + Tea Gardens

are particularly refreshing…

^^ The OLD Outside Dining Benches ^^

Due to be replaced by modern bespoke wooden furniture.

To give you a better perspective, here is a recent drone video showing the Sannox bay and beach, along with the Sannox Hotel…

Click on Picture To Watch The Video

.^^ Click on Picture To Watch The Video ^^

The current internal areas at Sannox Hotel restaurant and the adjacent Ingledene Tea-Room have been fitted with extra high-specification thermal insulation to help reduce heating bills.


What Is Included In The Purchase Price/Rent?

In addition to the 62 interior and 18 exterior covers, the purchase/rental price includes the commercial kitchen + two customer toilets + 1 disability compliant/ and parent/newborn baby-changing wc. Also there is a separate staff wc + shower along from and completely detached at the other side of the building from the commercial kitchen area.

For reference and perspective, here is the OLD commercial kitchen before it was removed…

^^ The OLD Kitchen: now removed ^^

To be replaced by new owner for their bespoke needs.

As well as a prep and commercial kitchen area, plus the THREE dining rooms and al fresco front tea garden, there is a staff WC and washroom with shower.

=> The GROUND FLOOR rooms INCLUDED in the £111,000 ownership price OR £168 per week LEASE are numbers:-

18 + 19 + 20 + 26 + WCs numbered 24 and 25. Plus Staff WC & Shower at Room 3.

Room 17 is communal, with full and unrestricted access for the Restaurant & Tea-Room tenant/owner. This free access is to ensure the ability to get in and out of the kitchen. A similar arrangement is due to be detailed in a corridor traversing from the kitchen to the main side entrance for Kitchen deliveries.

Rooms 23 + 22 and 21 are intended to form the village shop.

These can be seen on the second of the two architect’s drawing below…

Sannox Hotel:  Ground Floor

Building Warrant Approval Plans

Sannox Hotel Ground Floor Building Warrant

Approved By North Ayrshire Council

Ref: 22/00143/BW – 02.03.2023

The next plan is important as it gives our readers and hotel-owning shareholders an indication of the room numbers relating to the Ground Floor of Sannox Hotel.


^^ Sannox Restaurant & Tea-Rooms ^^

This second document is derived from the original Planning Permission as GRANTED (here). Planning Permissions and Building Warrants have different purposes. But are closely allied in the aim for a final outcome of a fully renovated and certified functional: Hotel + Restaurant + Tea-Room + Village Shop.

As at June 2023, the restaurant, tearoom, counter area and WC rooms are all ready for the fitting our phase as per the specification of the new owner/tenant.

We have managed successful renovations and re-opening before. Consequently, we are aiming to complete the Restaurant and the Tea-Room elements in a similar fashion to an old pub in Argyll that we bought 19 years ago…

These next 4 photos are NOT the Sannox Hotel

This is an Example of What The Sannox Tea Room

Will Look Like When Completed.

It is a “before” and “after” EXAMPLE of a derelict pub that we bought and completely renovated.

Earlier Argyll Example


Ground Floor Corner House Coffee Bar in Argyll

“Before” Photo (c) 2004 Argyll Group plc Collection.

After 14 months hard work…


Ground Floor Corner House Coffee Bar in Argyll

“After” Photo (c) 2005 Argyll Group plc Collection

This example of n earlier renovation is what we aim to achieve at Sannox Hotel. We are 905 towards the finish line at Sannox. But it can be helpful if folk have an idea of what we are aiming for. Hence this exmple of an earlier food outlet.

=> This illustrates our passion that the High Street does not have to die. Nor does the last hotel or the last village shop have to close.

The Corner House Coffee Shop in Argyll became an unexpected overnight success. From the worst pub in town: a derelict eyesore for many years. Then after 14 months of hard effort with much community support, the place became very busy. So busy that the company directors ended up working behind the counter when a tour bus would rock-up outside and send 50 hungry tourists into the place!

Next couple of Argyll Coffee Shop phot examples…

Earlier Argyll


Ground Floor Corner House Coffee Bar in Argyll

“Before” Photo (c) 2004 Argyll Group plc Collection.

After 14 months hard work…

Ground Floor Corner House Coffee Bar in Argyll

“After” Photo (c) 2005 Argyll Group plc Collection

This set of 4 historic photos should help our future Sannox Hotel customers see what we are aiming to achieve.

It really goes to show that with a decent amount of effort and especially keeping greedy banks away form these community renovation ventures, that good outcomes result (you’d likely be be shocked at how disgustingly greedy some senior bank management can be: click here). As a former police officer (Russ McLean on the Island of Islay: here), one of our directors cannot understand why custodial sentences have not been handed to the “Dash For Cash” bank miscreants.

Full Coverage of The Earlier Pub Renovation

Click Here


This is an example of the current completed room (less the proposed Covid-safer seating booths.

The front has a brand new flat-roof built to a high specification and double insulation to keep heating bills down.

Lastly, but quite importantly, the current planning permission as GRANTED allows our request for FOUR additional car parking space. One is permanently assigned to the Bay Cottage tenant. The other three are shared and added to the “on-street” parking nearby. This is in addition to the historic 6 to 8 places “off-street” at the restaurant + hotel. Staff parking is available at the local Sannox car park nearby if an overflow parking is required. During the dozens of years in operation, the existing parking has always been sufficient. The addition of FOUR new space is intended to ensure this sufficiency of car parking continues.

^^ Extra Parking At Sannox Hotel & Tea-Rooms ^^

The al fresco seating area is elevated approximately 8 feet above road height and there is a substantial wall in place. This ensures guests are NOT disturbed by passing traffic, nor cars parked at the lower level of the front of the premises.

The views from the hotel are genuinely picturesque…

^^ View From Sannox Hotel & Restaurant Tea Garden ^^

Prior to the new seating being installed.

^^ View From Sannox Hotel & Restaurant Tea Garden ^^

Prior to the new seating being installed.

Indeed, after a nice meal, it has been popular amongst guests to have a walk along to the water stones and cross towards the Sannox Beach.

.^^ Water Stones From Sannox To The Beach ^^

Looking back towards Sannox Hotel and Restaurant whilst meandering along a sandy beach with the gentle lap of the waves skimming up and down the beach is an excellent way to finish off a nice meal.

^^ Sannox Beach Looking West Towards The Hotel ^^

^^ Sannox Beach Looking East Towards The Mainland ^^


Sannox Tea-Room & Restaurant

For Sale: £111,000

Or Rent: £168 Per Week.

Further details from Scotslion Ltd.


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