Hotel Room Ownership

Full-share NOT Time-share

Fully en-suite hotel bedrooms for sale NOW SOLD.

You can purchase complete hotel bedrooms ranging from…

£30,000 to £69,000

Full-Share Per Bedroom…

^^ Tower House Hotel ^^

^^ Bedroom 1 Cost £30,000 Full-Share ^^

Owner Sold For £49,800.

Less £10,800 Per Room Hotel Renovation.

Net Profit: £9,000.

Plus A Free Family Holiday!

We do not like Time-Share (a friend lost over £11,000 through disreputable Time-Share). So have established a way where it is possible to own the hotel bedroom and hotel by a gold-standard that has the owner directly recorded as the owner auditable to HM Land Registry …


The Gold Standard of Ownership

Also An Accidental Net Profit: £9,000.

30% Net Profit Per Bedroom 

Here is our ACTUAL proof-of-concept trial for the principle of HOTEL-ROOM-OWNERSHIP…

^^ Tower House Hotel ^^

It went differently to the way we anticipated. Because we have structured FULL-SHARE in a way where each OWNER actually CONTROLS their share of the hotel, this first LIGHTHOUSE TOWER HOTEL was happily renting out rooms…

Then a neighbour had seen the decent standard of renovation (we will detail this on a dedicated page here soon).had an offer of £249,000 appear from a neighbour.

=> Being a legally and democratic FULL-SHARE structure, each of our FIVE hotel-bedroom owners voted YES to accept the £249,000 (proof: click here).

The cost for each hotel room was £30,000…

^^ Tower House Hotel ^^

Floor Plan

Full-Share Equals 100% Hotel Bedroom Ownership

Plus: Pro Rata Ownership of The Hotel

At a £9,000 net profit, it is understandable why all FULL-SHARE hotel owners at Tower House Lighthouse Hotel voted yes. Each owner received a…

30% Net Profit of £9,000

This was after the £10,800 share of each of the 5 owners’ cost of renovation was deducted.

^^ Tower House Hotel ^^

Location Plan of Tower Hotel Building

The Tower Hotel had communal bathroom facilities (a bathroom between three bedrooms).

^^ Tower House Hotel: Lounge ^^

^^ Tower House Hotel: Lounge ^^

^^ Tower House Hotel: Kitchen/Dinning Room ^^

^^ Tower House Hotel: Bedroom 4 ^^

^^ Tower House Hotel: Bedroom 2 ^^


Noss Head

Tower Hotel Is Sold


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Best wishes. The Hotel-Room-Ownership team.